The Skinny on Real Social Dynamics

The word “social” has become the buzzword of the 21st century. The first thing that comes to mind, of course is the social media phenomenon.

We have all of these apps and websites that allow us to connect and keep in touch with old friends, make new friends, and we can even follow people that are interesting to us.

Back in the day, once you left high school, you pretty much went your own way, never speaking to most of your childhood friends again.

Now, you can have daily conversations with these people, even if they are halfway around the world.

Heck, some people have thousands of friends on Facebook, and some even have millions of followers on Twitter.

Cool, right?

There irony of all of this is that you are not really spending time with these people. You are communicating with then through a computer or your mobile device. Because of this, people in general are slowly  losing an important skill.

How to mingle with other people.

It seems like the days of going out to a function and actually speaking to people face to face are gone.

Go to any restaurant, bar, or baseball game and you will see that most people are just staring at their devices.

If you are a man, this may not be good for you, as you will need to sharpen your game. You know what I am talking about. You may be an expert in the online dating world, but what happens when you actually meet her for dinner?

How to meet womanAre you going to just text her while you are at the table?

I think not.

If this sounds like you, and you want to overcome your anxiety, there are several options out there.

You can actually take classes on how to overcome social anxiety. I know it sound funny, but more and more people, especially the younger generation, are starting to look at these personal development courses to enhance their real social dynamics.

We all can use some pointers and tips every now and then, so be sure to consider this as an investment in yourself and well-being.

Water Coolers Reviewed

Man, who would ever think that water coolers had so many options!  This is actually true, as the number of different ones that are out there is getting more numerous every month.

water-coolerFor me, it would really depend on the type and style of your home or apartment.  This will probably determine what type of cooler would be right for you.

Quick story, I have a home that had dark cabinets, black and marble granite, and black appliances in the kitchen.  Before I moved there, I had this white water cooler, and it worked just fine.  After moving into my current house, I just kept the cooler without really thinking about it.  For about three years, I had this nice looking dark themed kitchen, and this white water cooler.  One day I was cleaning the house, and I just said to myself, “You know, this cooler has GOT to go!”

So I did some research, and found this site, Water Coolers Reviewed.  This site breaks down the best water coolers that you can buy.  They really give an in-depth review of some of the most popular water coolers out there.  They also link out to their specific pages on Amazon.com, so they make it extremely easy to purchase the one that is right for you.

If you are looking for your next water cooler, be sure to take a look.  It will definitely save you some time and energy.  Besides, you have better things to do than spend a couple of days looking for a water cooler, right?

They also review a public water cooler, so if you work for your municipality and you are in charge of maintaining these type of items, you can get ideas for that also.

Oh, you can also download a free buying guide, so you can have it handy if you want to refer to it on a later date.


Audio Visual Event Production

Whether you are organizing a conference or putting on a rock concert, audio visual production is the way to go. Audio visual productions will market your product or present the best program on earth. You will have clear audio and dynamic visual presentations that will wow that customer or audience.

What is the big deal?

Audio and visual event production is as important for the service guy as well as the most significant concert promoter. A professionally installed audio system will have them knocking down your door with sales since they cold hear your pitch and understand specifically what item or service you are offering.

PresentationsIt is necessary to have visual along with audio in event production. The exact same thing can take place in a big conference hall with visual along with the audio. Your customers or listeners that are in the back can just see a little person flowing back and forth behind the podium. With big HD video screens behind the speaker, even somebody with poor eye sight can see the speaker in clear definition and vibrant colors. The viewers can actually see your body language and know what figures and facts are very important. Your message will ring true in both the visual sparkle of your reality on screen and the clear, succinct audio that is spread equally through the hall without static or distortion.

If you have a PowerPoint discussion or other media that needs audio and visual enhancement for your event production, you can rest assured that the lecture that you give will be able to show the details whether it is a chart, video clip, or text. The different colors and visuals can be dynamic as they are displayed on whatever size visual gadget you desire. The graphics can be as big as life, as you aim to make clear a certain point or message.

Audio and visual event production and video production companies like MediaKool.com has actually come of age for businesses these days. No longer does a person need to yell across the space or have actually posters stapled on a easel. Your clients will know you are tech savvy and you are on the cutting edge with these dynamic media tools. Your audio clips will sound loud and clear and your visuals will be impressive as you gain your clients trust and make that business deal.


Audio and visual production is as significant for the businessman as well as the top concert promoter. It is important to have visual as well as audio in audio visual production. If you have a PowerPoint discussion or other media that needs audio and visual enhancement for your event production, you can rest assured that the lecture that you offer will have the ability to display your info whether it is a text, video clip, or chart. Audio and visual event production has come of age for the organization’s of today.



Turn Your Home Business into a Profitable Opportunity

Here are the Essential Steps to This Business Expansion

Many successful home business owners may wish to grow their thriving ventures in a number of ways as turnkey enterprises, dealers, vending machine suppliers, direct or network marketing companies, or through licensing. One of these expansion methods is packaging and selling their businesses as opportunities for other entrepreneurs to purchase; but not as franchises.

All franchises are business opportunities, but not all business opportunities are franchises. Licensed business opportunities differ from franchises in that they are generally more affordable to purchase; do not have royalty fees or operational fees; and are more flexible in their operations. Both structures, however, must adhere to specific regulations. (See “Resources.”)

Owners of franchises or business opportunities provide their buyers with varying levels of training and support to help them succeed.

If you are considering packaging your business into a purchasable opportunity, here are some essential steps you should consider:

Step One: Consider if your business model can be operated profitably by other people and in other locations.

If your business depends on a very specific region’s resources or is best-operated by only you, it obviously will not be operable elsewhere. Being reasonably-priced and having a type of product or service that is exceptional and increasing in demand across the country will also help improve its chances to appeal to prospective buyers and being profitable no matter where it is operated.  An example of this:  A law firm SEO expert can build up a client base, then sell the business to another expert, with no drop off in service.

Step Two: Strategic planning is next: writing a business plan or business “blueprint,” for this expansion phase, similar to the first one you used to launch your existing business.

Often businesses fail when their owners expand too rapidly or without the right kind of planning. Consult with professionals who are experienced and qualified in assisting entrepreneurs in their businesses’ transitions into opportunities to help you build a solid footing for this type of growth. Ask for these experts’ referrals from successful business opportunity owners; members of associations in your industry; and-or the staff at local offices of governmental business development centers. (See “Resources.”)

If you think you might like to extend your venture into an opportunity or even a franchise, document all your procedures and business’ operational details now as you continue to run your business. It will help you later in providing the important details that buyers will follow to ensure them the same success you have achieved.

Step Three: Consider the legalities. In addition to local and state regulations you must follow, the Federal Trade Commission has rules for business opportunity and franchise owners (“See Resources”).

The FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule requires sellers of business opportunities to give potential buyers a one-page disclosure document. Educate yourself as to all the additional legalities involved with duplicating your business to create an opportunity and then hire legal experts to assist you. Their expertise will assist you in composing writing contracts and licensing agreements; registering in the states or provinces in which your opportunities will be running; and more. It is your responsibility to find out all you must do to fulfill your compliance obligations when offering a business opportunity.

Step Four: Calculate all your current operating expenses and then add the projected costs involved in making your business model saleable.

Realize that the financial costs of expanding into a business opportunity may cost as much, if not more than it did for you to start your business. First, consult with your financial experts to calculate and project if your opportunity will be profitable for you. This is extremely important in preventing you from financial downfall, especially if the figures reveal that it is not worth it to expand. Though you may be disappointed, it is better now to accept the reality of it not working on paper, than going ahead and losing everything, including the business you have now.

If the profitability potential is there, however, then add all the projected costs such as the attorney and registration fees, marketing and advertising campaigns, creating manuals and-or software, assembling equipment or packaging, training that might be involved, and any other expenses you might have to incur. Remember these costs will be in addition to your daily operating expenses of your present business.

Do not neglect this step and take your time to be sure to include all possible costs in your calculations. It will be extremely important in helping you decide if you can afford to grow into an opportunity; if it will be profitable for you; and if you can approach a lender for an expansion loan. Two recommended resources:

*The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), has an excellent online page of financing and loan information (even though the SBA does not loan money directly to small business owners): www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/loans-grants.

*SCORE.org also has helpful business online information, workshops, and a search capacity to find a local office near you.

Step Five: Decide how to launch and market your opportunity.

Before launching your opportunity, do a complete market research as to the publications, online sites, and other media outlets to which your potential buyers have access, so your marketing tactics will get the best responses. Many business magazines like Home Business Magazine® or the New York Times, and others have “Business Opportunities” advertising sections in which you can first advertise your opportunity; and include your web site’s URL for more information. Of course, use all the free social media venues as possible, too, to get the word out.

A well-written press release appearing in your target media outlets is one of the best promotional methods you can use to introduce your opportunity. Include photos with your release to enhance its appeal.

As your opportunities are purchased, encourage referrals and positive testimonials from satisfied buyers to increase your sales. Continue to keep your opportunity in the news through blogs and social events.

Step Six: Strive to stand out from your competitors.

Stay in contact with your buyers to help them succeed, and include their suggestions to improve your opportunity’s business model. Incorporate new industry and technological innovations and trends so your business operates efficiently and stays current.

For tips and encouragement, be sure to network information with other business opportunity owners through membership in your industry and opportunity associations. Their advice can help you avoid costly mistakes; plus you can exchange potential leads and practical ideas.

Experts say that expanding your venture into a business opportunity is actually like starting a new business altogether. Developing the ability to successfully direct and train others to operate your business model successfully; analyzing how to make your opportunity be accepted in different towns, states, or even other countries; and continually consulting with your professional experts to evaluate and monitor your opportunity’s operations and growth are just some of the new components and challenges you will face in creating an opportunity from your business. A great example of this is andré cisp. He has built an online juggernaut for smartphone repairs in Portugal.

It can be a daunting step, but for those who have successfully turned their home businesses into opportunities, they say they are gratified in giving others a more hopeful future doing work they choose and making money doing it. These business opportunity owners not only love their work, they want to see others achieve the same success and profits they have realized with their original home ventures.

If you are considering the possibility of increasing your venture this way, consult with knowledgeable experts,** being sure to take adequate time to consider all the pluses and minuses of going in this direction. Your findings might just reveal that your home business is ready to be the next “golden” opportunity for many other entrepreneurs.

**This article consists of general business information. Consult with business, financial, and legal professionals knowledgeable in your industry concerning any major business ventures you may undertake. HBM

Resources: Associations -*Direct Selling Association – http://dsa.org; Government: *Canada Business Network: www.canadabusiness.ca/eng; *Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov): http://business.ftc.gov/multimedia/videos/business-opportunity-rule; *Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center: www.business.ftc.gov. *SBA directory of business guides by industry: www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/starting-managing-business/managing-business/business-guides-industry; *U. S. SBA Offices for entrepreneurs, women, veterans, others – www.sba.gov/local-assistance.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Running a Therapy Business from Your Home

It may not be a very common practice today, but the custom of running a therapy business from home is actually an old one. The forefathers of modern psychology like Mahler, Winnicot, Jung and of course, Freud used to treat patients from their home offices a lot of the times. However, there are multiple factors to take into consideration before starting a therapy business at home. While there are obvious financial and practical advantages, there are also privacy and safety concerns that one must prepare for. If you are planning to start treating patients at home, such as how to do meditation, it might be a good idea to go through the following points.

Royalty Free Photo


Time and Money

This is the most obvious and the biggest advantage of practicing from home; you don’t have to pay rent and you don’t have to commute. The time you save by not having to travel to your office can be used to give more time to your patients. Also, when you don’t have to drive back home, you can always put in a few extra hours to both help patients and increase your income.

The Location Could Be Perfect

Patients will feel more comfortable to visit you if they don’t have to wait in a busy office building with multiple other people. A residence is by nature a friendlier and calmer environment which is perfect for patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, etc.

Balance between Personal and Professional Life

While a lot of us believe in leaving work at the office before entering our home, it is not always possible and a busy day in office could very well stretch well past the realms of a business day and into personal time territory. Having an office at home lets you stay in close proximity with your family and each time you take a break, you are back at home.

Builds Trust

Opening up to a complete stranger without knowing anything about him/her is a hard step for many patients. A home office can help a doubtful patient trust you more as allowing someone entry to your home is seen mostly as a gesture of trust universally. It may help you build rapport with a particularly difficult patient, especially children.


Privacy Issues

If you are treating patients from your home, you are putting your privacy and confidentiality at stake. It might be particularly hard to keep a purely professional relationship with them which is necessary in treating various types of mental illnesses.

Security and Safety Issues

This is the biggest issue of conducting therapy sessions from home. When a patient steps through your door for the first time, you may not know if that person can be a threat to you and your family’s security. The last thing you would want is for a sociopathic patient to know who you are and where you live.  Click here for more information on safety issues.


Keeping children and pets quiet during the hours that you conduct therapy sessions can be difficult. Additionally, your work might be interrupting family schedules and vice versa.

As you can see there are both advantages and disadvantages to running a therapy business from your home and only you can tell which side of the story applies more to your particular situation. Pediatric therapy might be the best idea when your office is at your home as it nullifies most of the safety issues mentioned.

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Work From Home Money Making Methods That Actually Work

The economy is dwindling, job listings are getting scarcer by the day, and you are barely managing to pay your bills with the nominal amount you get as salary every month.  Quitting the 9-5 jobs for something more adventurous and challenging sounds like a fantastic idea. However, personal commitments and professional responsibilities hold us back from living our life the way we want to. Well, time to change that. The virtual platform is a goldmine for earning opportunities that allow you to work from home. Mentioned below are six such money making tips that you can check out:

Freelancing- Sell Your Words

Freelancing or content writing is highly prefered among college students and youngsters. There are loads of companies looking for talented writers with a flair for marketing. If you have even a couple of hours to devote to writing articles, then freelancing might be just your calling. Today, freelancers have a variety of markets to choose from, fashion, technical, informative- the possibilities are endless! Most companies usually ask for a sample article for analyzing your writing style and grammar.

Online Surveys- Sell Your Opinions

You can even earn a decent sum of money by filling out survey forms for different market research programs online. All you have to do is answer a few questions as honestly as you can. Online surveys and questionnaires are a primary source of information for e-commerce stores and websites to get an idea about customer preferences. There are loads of review portals online where you can apply, just fill out a registration form submitting your geographical location, income range, age, gender and other details. The companies then match the information with their surveys sending you those that you are qualified for.

Web Hosting

Web hosting based on reseller hosting plans enables entrepreneurs to make significant money by selling hosting services of existing providers, by bundling their own marketing power on top of it. Web hosting services entail providing robust support and storage space for web pages to operate on. It is a pretty competitive field where you have to constantly be on your toes to maintain a substantial web presence. However, the results are very rewarding as well. Hosting companies rent businessmen a limited storage space and bandwidth for a set time at a fixed price. If you have the time and technical skill for handling hosting services, then this is the right business opportunity for you.

Sell Your Old Stuff

If you have much unnecessary junk cluttering your house, sell it online! The quickest and easiest way of making some extra cash is selling the unwanted stuff online. There are numerous sites and e-stores online where you can contact prospective customers and fix a deal. Portals like Ebay, OLX, and Amazon are reliable platforms for connecting the buyer and the seller. Moreover, with the many high-tech options such as live chats and video calls, clients can ensure the quality and condition of the product before making a purchase.

Online Tutorials- Sell Your Knowledge

Online tutorials and e-classes have become a hit among the young tech-savvy generation. From learning algebra to figuring out how to play the guitar, there’s a teacher for almost everything online. The best part is that almost anyone can start their tutorial classes. There is always a need for teachers online who can explain school lessons in a straightforward and engaging way. If you have a passion or know a unique way to do things, then share it with the world!

Start A Blog

Last but not the least, blogging is a significant earning ground for budding entrepreneurs who want to start something independently and share their passions with like-minded people on the internet. Starting a blog is the easiest way to spread an opinion on a global platform, and if you are good at it, then you can even monetize your content, sell Amazon products and offer advertising.

The Bottom Line

Home-based jobs, though exciting and flexible, are not a permanent income source. They are to be treated as part-time jobs that you can indulge in your free time. However, that said and done, many professionals have quit their “regular” jobs to devote their full attention and effort towards their online enterprise.

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Entrepreneur Neil Billock Sees Opportunity in Puerto Rican Market

Flags” (CC By 2.0) by Joe Shlabotnik

Entrepreneur Neil Billock says that the lack of American companies in Puerto Rico means there is ample room for growth on the small Caribbean island. He and his wife have recently moved to the island to take advantage of the incredible scenery and affordable living costs. He has opened a marketing consultancy business and believes he can help U.S. companies leverage the often overlooked Puerto Rican market.

“Because Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, rather than an incorporated state, many businesses overlook it as a potential market for business,” Billock says. “But Puerto Rico has many direct ties to the United States and Western culture which makes it the perfect location for expansion. In addition, firms don’t have to deal with the often complex regulations associated with trading overseas.”

Neil and his family moved to Dorado, Puerto Rico late last year. Moving to the Caribbean had been a long-term dream of the couple who felt that intensity of life in the United States was something worth escaping. Dorado, a small town on the north coast of the island, is a popular destination for expats seeking beachfront property and access to world-class golf courses. Neil had spent the past 15 years of his career as a marketing executive for various firms in the United States but is hoping to work on a job-by-job basis now that he has made the move offshore. His consultancy business will work with a range of companies seeking advice on direct marketing strategies.

“Spanish as the primary language shouldn’t be a deterrence for businesses when considering Puerto Rico,” Billock says. “Given the amount of Spanish speakers in particular regions of the United States, the marketing industry has become adept at marketing across language barriers. Many of the firms I worked with in the past required strategies that dealt with Spanish speaking customers. My consultancy will continue to consider this an important strategy going forward.”

“Given my new location and my experience, I believe I would be a primary calling point for businesses seeking marketing strategies in Puerto Rico,” Billock says. “I’m hoping more businesses will begin to contact me regarding not only marketing in the United States, but in Puerto Rico also.”

If you’d like to find out more about Neil Billock and the services he can provide you or your firm, you can find his contact details on his personal URL: neilbillock.weebly.com

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Ten Neighborhoods to Look for Solid Returns in Real Estate

Real estate investing is a tricky business.  Not only do you need to get the timing right, but you also need to invest in the right location.  This includes knowing whether the neighborhood is thriving, on the verge of a massive revitalization, or if its properties have reached their peak.  While savvy investors can make money in all three scenarios, for most people the best pick is the sure thing.  With that in mind, here is our list of the ten best neighborhoods in the country to look for solid returns in real estate.

Copyright: pixelrobot / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: pixelrobot / 123RF Stock Photo

10. Windsor Park – Austin, Texas

At the heart of red state, Texas is a deep-blue city, Austin. The state capital is also a booming town for tech companies and has a great food scene among other things.  While there are several great neighborhoods in this town, the best of the best is Windsor Park.  Located to the northeast of the University of Texas campus, this neighborhood outshines all other neighborhoods when it comes to returns and this is a big plus if you are an investor.

9. Altamonte Springs – Orlando, Florida

While metro-Miami tends to steal most of the headlines when it comes to real estate in Florida, the truth is that Orlando is one of the better places to invest.  Not only is the economy booming in the Orlando area, but the demographics of the town are changing.  One of the best neighborhoods in the area is Altamonte Springs.  This suburban city combines the best of a small town while being close to the big city.  By the way, the returns are quite attractive as well.

8. Grant Park – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is an amazing city and one of the best neighborhoods in the city is Grant Park.  While other neighborhoods in the city are getting near peak valuation, investors believe properties in this neighborhood can deliver solid returns.  Grant Park homes offer a touch of history and convenient location at the heart of Atlanta. If you are looking to purchase and sell your home, finding an experienced property management company will help you increase your chances of choosing the right home.

7. The Art District – Las Vegas, Nevada

While it is hard to win big in the casinos, Las Vegas real estate is close to a sure thing.  The city is not just The Strip; there are several other neighborhoods with outstanding returns.  One such neighborhood is The Art District.  This neighborhood offers a mix of eclectic coffee shops, art galleries, and some tremendous loft spaces.  So, if you are an investor, you should check it out.

6. East Salem – Salem, Oregon

Forget Stumptown—smart investors are setting their sights on Salem.  While it is very hard to pick the best neighborhood in this city, East Salem probably offers the best bang for the buck.


5. Mahncke Park – San Antonio, Texas

Halfway through the list, and the profits keep rolling in when it comes to real estate investing in Mahncke Park.  Granted Alamo Park and Government Hill tend to get most of the press, but this tight-knit neighborhood offers great values, which will serve you well in the long-term.

4. Ivywild – Colorado Springs

Colorado is so much more than Denver and if you are an investor, then you need to consider the Ivywild neighborhood of Colorado Springs.  While this neighborhood was in decline for a long time, it is making a comeback and if you are looking for real estate returns in Colorado Springs, then this is the neighborhood for you.

3. Eastmark – Mesa, Arizona

One string which ties many of these neighborhoods together is a vibrant tech community.  The Eastmark neighborhood of Mesa, Arizona is no different.  Apple is moving much of their operations close by and there are several other high-tech and research jobs to be had.  What does this mean?  Real estate values are set to skyrocket.

2. Arlington – Jacksonville, Florida

This city in Florida’s northeast is thriving. It is fast becoming a logistics center for the entire Southeastern U.S. and a number of specialty manufacturing companies are moving into the area.  The military also has a big presence in the city as well.  When looking for the best neighborhoods, you should consider Arlington.  The area is one of the first places settled by Europeans in the country and today it offers a great mix of history, suburban charm, and proximity to downtown Jacksonville.

1. Sugar House – Salt Lake City, Utah

Located to the southeast of downtown SLC, Sugar House features a large park and a trolley which runs into the city center.  While the neighborhood had been run-down, it is making a comeback in a big way.  This has brought families back into the neighborhood and with them the real estate returns—don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

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An Investment in Liberty and Practicality

The Freedom Of Modern Aviation

The world of aviation has been going through some surprising transitions over the last several decades, and aircraft represents not just the freedom of the skies. Aviation also represents an escape route should the worst case scenario being touted across the media come into play. It’s an advantage many pilots are certainly cognizant of.

Having a pilot’s license is the portal to obtaining an aircraft. There are certain “timeshare” scenarios where multiple pilots have a stake in a single plane, and these are certainly worthwhile. But once you’ve made that integral step into owning your own plane, even more possibilities open up.

Obtaining a pilot’s license, and then an airplane, represents more than just an entertaining hobby. There’s a certain kind of freedom that goes with being in the air, above the cares of the world. You can see all of mankind spread out like a collective organism in metropolitan areas, and like tiny stars in rural regions. The hills flatten, and the horizon broadens as clouds pass by.

Modern Aviation 1

It’s like nothing else, flying your own fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter through the skies. There’s excitement, there’s danger, and there’s the satisfaction of understanding you have sourced a skill few have, and which requires dedication to acquire. But these things, when you get right down to it, are really just icing on the cake.

Public And Private Solutions

Beyond an escape route, private pilots can also offer public service in the form of immediately available life-flight provisions for remote areas. There is also the propensity for tourist services in remote areas, and transit to and from locations where traditional airlines may not have service. While this isn’t the reason many private pilots get their “wings”, it is a strategy.

There are also quite a few private pilots who work for clients that own private jets. Oftentimes these pilots used to fly large airlines, but in many cases there are private pilots who get involved with this kind of work entirely independent of conventional channels.

Then there’s the most obvious echelon of aviation, public transportation. From Delta to United, many airlines have fleets of jets which require regular maintenance and upkeep to remain flightworthy.

For all these scenarios, it is fundamentally necessary that systems be maintained at their peak functionality. The Federal Aviation Administration has strictures in place for public and private pilots. Your aircraft must pass an “annual” if you’re flying independently. There are even more rigorous strictures for public flight options.

Modern Aviation 2

Keeping the investment of an aircraft, and even a pilot’s license, requires continuous work. Part of that work is repair of systems. Your plane, no matter how well maintained, is going to need parts replaced, parts upgraded, and systems repaired. You’re going to need tools, components, and an immediately available solution to source these things.

Finding aero aviation solutions requires sourcing components from trusted providers like AeroInStock.com, a website for a company that: “For over 40 years…has been the “In-Stock” choice for high quality aircraft parts.” Such organizations understand the atmosphere, and how to properly provide that which is needed for multiple kinds of clients.

Adventure And Advancement

Beyond the net worth of an airplane and the potential worth of something like a license, you’ve got the added payment of actual experience in the skies. Aviation is relatively new to recorded history. Certainly there are theories of ancient cultures like the Aztecs and Incas having some form of flight, but these are largely unsubstantiated.

Flight is primarily a modern echelon of technological development, and as such represents a frontier of new discovery. Lastly, being able to fly means being abreast of developments fundamentally changing mankind.

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