Supplement Your Income by Joining an Online Casino

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You may be able to supplement your income by joining an online casino. This sort of thing would be a dream come true for a lot of people. Many people love the idea of being able to make a lot of money doing something that they really love, and a lot of people love gambling so much that they travel halfway around the world for the sake of really good gambling opportunities. Being able to make a decent amount of money gambling on a regular basis can allow people to feel as if they are really living, and this activity is not something that all working people are able to enjoy all the time. Making money at something that would normally be done on vacation is truly special indeed.

Many online casinos also offer handy ways to save your money. Royal Vegas Online Casino welcome bonuses that can allow people to save money initially when they first sign up with the casino, and there are plenty of other online gaming casinos that offer a similar deal. This is helpful for people who want to see if they can make regular money with online gaming, since it means that they are already going to be able to make some money initially. They will more or less be able to use the welcome bonus as something of an initial investment, which is going to be necessary for all small businesses and similar supplementary income sources.

People who want to be able to make regular money at online casinos are going to need to know which games are going to work the best for that purpose. Video poker tends to be one of the best for people who want to be able to earn money at online casinos. This is a game of skill as well as a game of chance, so people who play it enough and people who work at it enough are going to be able to improve their chances.

The players themselves have more power with this game, which truly makes all the difference in the world. People who gamble professionally are almost always poker players. Slot machines are a lot of fun, but slot machines and slot games are going to produce purely random results. Blackjack is one of the best choices for professional gamblers who are looking for other table games to try, whether they are gambling at land-based casinos or online casinos.

Few people are going to be able to make all of their money gambling, which is something that takes a great deal of skill and luck. However, being able to earn any sort of supplementary money is beneficial, especially if people really enjoy doing it. This is certainly going to be the case for people who try to make extra money at online gaming casinos.

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2017 Is the Year of the Emojipreneur

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With the 2017 business year in full swing, entrepreneurs are back at their desks and thinking deeply about how to set themselves up for a successful new year. For beginning entrepreneurs, the burning question is, “What new business trends should I adopt if I want to increase revenues this year?”

But what about creative types—those who have a passion or talent that hardly brings in enough money to pay the bills? For them, the question is, “How do I even start to monetize my work?”

The good news is that this year will be a turning point for creatives-turned-entrepreneurs. In 2017, artists will be able to start monetizing their work and distributing it in a way we’ve never seen before. This year will be the year of the “emojipreneur”—the artist who turns a profit by creating emoji and stickers that are used on billions of smartphones all over the world.

Over the past year, emoji collections have been an exclusive playground for celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs such as Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Blac Chyna, who have the funds to hire top artists and the star clout to charge users for the final product.

But what if there were a way for artists to get their own sticker and emoji art into billions of hands, without the need for celebrity status or funds? What if this unleashed tens of thousands of diverse emoji—allowing users to freely express themsleves through every kind of emotion? With Apple’s iMessage launching an App Store for stickers and emojis last September, the impossible just became possible.

The new emoji and sticker marketplace directly connect artists and users in a symbiotic relationship—artists are able to distribute their work simply (they don’t have to write a single line of code), quickly, automatically, and completely free of charge, while users have an endless supply of emoji at their fingertips.

MojiLaLa—an emoji marketplace that sources emojis and stickers from all over the world—has developed a way to facilitate this relationship. Founded by artists who understand the struggle to make ends meet through creative work, MojiLaLa monetizes emoji distribution by sharing 50% of sales profits with the original creators. Meanwhile, ordinary iPhone users have access to vast collections of original emojis and stickers on trending topics, which they can use in iMessage.

As conversations become shorter and communication becomes more visual, the emoji economy is transitioning from a niche market in Japan to a mass, multi-billion dollar industry in the USA. Artists around the world are jumping at the opportunity to earn cash for their work, while simultaneously getting their portfolios out there for the world to see. That’s why 2017 is the year of the “emojipreneur.”

Check out the MojiLaLa Unlimited App, which offers 10,000+ new and exclusive emojis and stickers for $1.99 a month, at

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Top DJ Controllers For Beginners

Are you an aspiring DJ?  Do you want to get in the game, but you don’t know where to start?  Well, Brandfluencers has a guide that reviews the top DJ controllers for beginners. All of the items are under the $250 threshold, so you really do not have to break the bank if you want to get one of those shiny, new controllers.

There are some where you use a computer, some that you can use a phone or tablet, and there are even models where you just plug in the speakers, and you are good to go!

This is 2017, and now is a good time to start practicing your best DJ mixes!  Pool season will be here before you know it, and I know you will want to go out and play for the pool party crowd.

See the best cheap DJ controller

The Importance of Accurate Valuations for Car Dealers

Getting the estimate right for clients can be the make or break of a sale and as such it should be prioritised. Gone are the days of the seventies when car dealers had a bad reputation. In today’s modern, data driven society, car dealers can fight this stigma and provide accurate valuations for customers.

Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo

Every day changes

With different makes changing in popularity and trends influencing purchasing, a car’s value can fluctuate significantly. To stay on top of trends and market influences, companies like CAP HPI offer accurate valuations for a number of vehicles and can really help dealers to get the most from their sales.

Data drives purchasing

Keeping a digit on the data pulse means you can be sure not to undercharge for a future classic. In the last year, Ford, for example have rethought their whole strategy and this has led to increases in the prices of old classics, in anticipation of their new range. Collecting this data on trends and consumer behaviour will mean you’ll know when there is likely to be a boom for certain makes and how to value a car accurately.

Build trust

Car dealerships are one of the most prominent industries in creating a culture of trust. Characters like Arthur Daly and even Derek Trotter have created the caricature of a dodgy dealer. Yet this is a profession that relies heavily on word of mouth and trust. Giving customers or potential customers the correct valuation ensures they build trust in you and your dealership. This means, not only will they repeat their custom, but potentially recommend you to friends and family too.

Build loyalty

Once you have built trust, the consumer will know that you can be relied on to give them a good and honest deal. Loyalty ultimately drives sales, so in just being knowledgeable, consistent and friendly, you are helping your business to grow.

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When it Comes to Lawsuits, Small Businesses Who Snooze Will Lose


By Brian S. Inamine and Joanne Madden

Receiving notice of a legal proceeding against your business is not a pleasant experience, but ignoring it could make things worse. Oregon artist James Landgraf discovered that when a U.S. District Court judge in California entered a default judgment against him for more than $400,000 for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and attorneys’ fees in Starbucks Corp. v. Hitman Glass, Corp. The case focused on Starbucks-like logos that Landgraf used on glass bongs, clothing, and novelties in his “Dabuccino” line of products.

The default judgment noted that although Starbucks filed a complaint against defendants Hitman Glass and Landgraf on June 3, Landgraf never filed an answer; and the Clerk of Court entered default on August 31. Sole proprietors and other small or mid-sized businesses may be reluctant to hire lawyers early on because they believe it will be expensive and complicated, but sitting on your hands can be even more expensive, as Landgraf discovered. Instead, a business that receives notice of a legal action should consider doing the three Ps: hire a professional, preserve evidence, and conduct a preliminary investigation.

Hire a Professional or Notify Insurer

After receiving a lawsuit complaint or other notice of a claim, a business owner should hire an attorney or, if the business has applicable liability insurance, place its insurer on notice of the claim and work with the appointed defense lawyer. Local regulations should also be checked, since some states require corporate employers to hire an outside lawyer to defend against a lawsuit.

Depending on the jurisdiction, sole proprietors and other individuals who are also employers may have the right to act as their own attorney– but this strategy is likely to end badly. That’s because many business owners do not know whether or what information is harmful or helpful, and sometimes don’t know what information should remain confidential. An innocent phone call with the opposing attorney – but without your own lawyer – could result in unnecessarily or inadvertently disclosing harmful information to the other side. In contrast, hiring an experienced lawyer may reduce or eliminate these kinds of risks.

Preserve Evidence

Be sure to preserve all relevant evidence, including documents, policies and procedures, e-mails, text messages, website data, videotapes, photographs, and any other tangible or digital record of acts or omissions that relate to the issues and facts alleged against your company. The evidence may be stored at work, on backup servers, company-issued computers and other devices, and on personal computers and devices. Failure to preserve relevant evidence could lead to court-ordered monetary penalties or evidence penalties, including an order barring the company from using certain defenses and helpful evidence at trial, or an instruction to the jury that the company purposely destroyed evidence.

In many states, it is a crime to intentionally destroy or conceal evidence that you know is relevant to a lawsuit. So, maintain all relevant evidence, even if you think it might be bad for you, since evidence appearing detrimental may later be explained or excluded from admittance.

Conduct a Preliminary Investigation

As soon as possible, investigate – or preferably have your attorney investigate – the merits of the claim and of any defenses, to assess liability. First, read the complaint, notice, or letter that sets forth the factual and legal allegations and consider whether the evidence supports or refutes those claims. An experienced attorney knows what evidence the claimant or plaintiff needs to prove their claim. Additionally, the conclusions of a preliminary investigation, if issued by an attorney, will likely be deemed confidential under the attorney-work product doctrine or the attorney-client privilege. This means that a negative conclusion, as determined by your attorney, will be protected from later disclosure.

Also, be aware of deadlines for responding to lawsuits, to EEOC complaints, and to other state and local proceedings that enforce rules in the workplace. Keep in mind that the opposing attorney or agency will be steps ahead of you, since they likely already interviewed former and current employees, and others, to obtain information and signed statements.

Finally, be open to early resolution. If the investigation confirms there is merit to even some of the plaintiff’s claims, you should consider exploring an early settlement rather than fighting. Statutes in many states authorize courts to award attorney’s fees to a prevailing claimant or plaintiff – as in the Starbucks case – so it may make economic sense for a defendant to settle “bad” claims early and before the opposing attorney has amassed a sizeable legal bill. Early resolution can be accomplished by direct negotiations or mediation, usually by a retired judge or attorney.

Regardless of the individual circumstances, when a notice of a claim or lawsuit is received, hiring a professional, preserving evidence, and conducting a preliminary investigation could save you a lot of grief later on.

About the Authors


Veteran labor and employment attorney Brian Inamine is a Los Angeles-based shareholder in the national law firm LeClairRyan. He can be reached at Brian.Inamine@LeClairRyan.com.


Joanne Madden is a labor and employment attorney based in LeClairRyan’s San Francisco office. She can be reached at Joanne.Madden@LeClairRyan.com.

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Revealed: The Secrets to Brilliant Business Cards!

Business cards are incredibly effective tools for small businesses in this day and age. If you’re looking to design the best and most effective cards possible, then you need to have a read of this article:

Simple Style

Too many business cards are ruined by the business owner trying to put too much on them. At the end of the day, you have to remember what these things are and what they do. They’re only small pieces of card, and they serve the simple purpose of providing people with your contact information. As a result, you don’t need to include too much on them or be over elaborate with style. Keep it simple and classy for the best results possible. Make it easy for people to see and read all the information on there too. Using black text on a dark blue background can be hard for someone to read, the same with a light color like yellow on a white background. Be smart and keep the style simple and easy for people to read.

(Image: https://goo.gl/1qz2ax)

Professional Printing

Regardless of how good the design is or how cool the colors are, your business cards can be ruined by poor printing. Too many small business owners try and cut costs by printing their own cards. You purchase card and use your home/business printer to do the work. Though this sounds easy, it rarely elicits professional results. You’re far better off looking for services like Vista Prints to finalize your designs for you. A professional printing job will make your cards look beautiful and extremely professional too. You can even make them glossy or add additional features to the card before it’s printed. By getting your business cards printed professionally, you ensure that a top-quality product is created and that they look how you imagined them too. The text and images will be clear and there will be no pixelation or blurry parts.

Brand Building

I mentioned earlier how business cards serve the simple purpose of providing people with contact information. While this is true, there is also another secondary use for business cards. Think about it, these cards are a product produced by your company that will be seen by loads of different people. You will hand out your business cards to countless individuals and can place them in coffee shops or other retail stores. The bottom line is, you’re getting part your business out there to as many people as possible. What does this mean? It means you can start building brand awareness and recognition with your business cards. Consequently, the secret to a successful business card is to brand it and make sure it aligns with your company image. You must have a clear business logo on there that everyone’s eyes are drawn to. The colors you use must align with other color schemes you have – like the color scheme on your website or in your office. When people look at your business card they should be able to say it’s for your business before they even know who the card belongs to.

These three things all combine to help create the best business cards possible. Consider all of these secrets if you’re looking to refresh your business with some new cards.

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15 Environmentally-Friendly Businesses

Think Green

If you love the outdoors and have a concern for the future of our planet, here are environmentally-friendly business ideas to consider for your own “green” venture.

The 21st Century will challenge us to keep our earth clean, green, and beautiful. Fortunately, entrepreneurs are starting “green” enterprises that will help us restore and maintain our world’s health and splendor. If you love the outdoors and have a concern for the future of our planet, here are fifteen environmentally friendly businesses you may want to consider for your own “green” venture.

*Please note: Professional associations are primarily networking organizations and usually do not offer start-up information. Include a business-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope with any “snail” mail correspondence.

1. Specialized Landscaping

The increasing popularity of gardening has spurred homeowners to hire professionals to create distinctive gardens. Specialized landscapers have the expertise and experience in the horticulture of local vegetation, trees and shrubs to design and install plants exclusive to Victorian, Feng Shui, pet and child-friendly, and other unique gardens.

Success Tips:Promote business by leading workshops, posting temporary business signs at your job sites, writing how-to articles in newspapers’ home and garden editions, exhibiting at gardening shows and encouraging referrals from satisfied customers.


*American Horticultural Society

*Easy-to-Follow Designs for Beautiful Landscapes by Becke Davis, Harriet Cramer, Daria Price Bowman

*How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business, 6th ed. by Owen E. Dell

2. Specialty Fruits and Vegetables

The wholesale, retail, and direct sale markets for specialty and foreign fruits and vegetables have increased substantially. Heirloom varieties of peppers and tomatoes, organic crops, herbs, edible flowers, different species of lettuce and greens, and unusual fruits are all in demand. Some cities sponsor urban gardening programs that grow specialty crops for beautification and to promote entrepreneurship.

Success Tips: Talk with owners of restaurants and small grocery stores, gourmet chefs, and local residents to see what specialty or ethnic foods they desire and how they use them. For feedback, provide produce samples to area cooks and people at farmer’s markets. Track specialty food trends by reviewing television cooking shows, gourmet food magazines, and publications’ featured recipes.


*A National Sustainable Agriculture Assistance Program – ATTRA – http://attra.ncat.org/; information, publications

*The Gardener’s A–Z Guide to Growing Organic Food by Tanya L. K. Denckla

*Backyard Market Gardening: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling What You Grow by Andrew W. Lee

*How to Start on a Shoestring and Make a Profit with Hydroponics by Bob Safell

*Big Dollars Growing Gourmet Salad Greens by Hilmur L. Saffell

*GrowerTalks – http://www.ballpublishing.com/GrowerTalks/Default.aspx

3. Topiaries

Experts in topiary train plants such as ivy and herbs to grow over cutouts, chicken wire frames, ceramic forms or other bases to create whimsical animal shapes, letters, and “green” sculptures. They can also prune and trim shrubs, small trees and other plants into a variety of shapes. Topiaries can range in size from those that can fit on windowsills to life-size animal figures.

Success Tips: Enroll in some basic topiary courses and then start with small creations to hone your crafting skills. Research what topiaries are being sold in your area and fashion your own distinctive line. Markets for your plant sculptures can include bazaars, individuals’ homes and gardens, business offices, schools, gift and garden shops, mail order catalogs, and with a business web site. Offer to build or shape topiaries in individuals’ backyards or companies’ lawns for special occasions such as outdoor weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations; or for commissioned work for zoos, parks, or museums.


*Society of American Florists

*Quick and Easy Topiary and Green Sculpture by Jenny Hendy

4. Exotic Plants**

Many growers of exotic plants — orchids, cacti and other unique plants have turned their hobbiesinto thriving commercial businesses, selling wholesale to gardening centers and florists or directly to customers at shows, seasonal outdoor markets, through mail order, from web sites, or from home-based greenhouses.

**Follow regulations concerning transporting plants or selling endangered species.

Success Tips: Work in a commercial greenhouse to learn propagation techniques, plant care and disease prevention, plus to get experience in operating a horticultural business. Start with a small greenhouse and expand as your reputation for quality plants builds. Join professional associations for networking purposes and to enter their shows to help establish your name in the business.


*American Orchid Society

*Gardener’s Guide to Growing Orchids by Wilma & Brian Rittershausen

*The Cactus & Succulent Society of America

*The Complete Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents by Miles Anderson, Terry Hewitt

*Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business by Ted. M. Taylor

5. Garden Problem-Solver

Homeowners spend a great deal for flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns to beautify their properties and will pay for advice to keep their gardens healthy and free from pests and critters. As a consultant, you can price according to your expertise and training and the time it takes to research and remedy gardeners’ concerns.

Success Tips: Publicize your services with workshops and talks at local gardening centers or clubs; with a gardening column; or even a question-answer weekly radio show. Offer basic garden evaluations for a set price and then provide a listing of the fees for additional services to eradicate specific gardening problems.


*The Gardener’s Guide to Plant Diseases, Earth-Safe Remedies by Barbara Pleasant

*Bugs, Slugs & Other Thugs — Controlling Garden Pests Organically by Rhonda Massingham Hart

*Garden Problem Solver by Pippa Greenwood

6. Property, Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Many homeowners are unsure about how to maintain their ornamental shrubs or cannot handle the pruning, removal, and the seasonal clean-up of their shrubs and trees. Professionals in this area have extensive training and education in arboriculture, knowing how to protect their customers’ lawns, shrubs, and trees from disease, insect, and weather-related damage. Clients schedule routine visits for ongoing care.

Success Tips: Besides home- and business owners, potential customers for this service may includedevelopers, planners, landscape architects, insurance companies for tree damage estimates; and municipalities for environmental impact studies, and long-term planning for placement, maintenance and preservation of existing trees and shrubs.


*National Arborists

*The Complete Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs: Descriptions, Cultivation Requirements, Pruning, Planting by Ernie Wasson

7. Uniquely-Designed Planters, & Outdoor Lawn & Garden Décor

Gardeners like unusual containers, decorative pots and rustic and vintage items to show-off their plants and landscapes. Search flea markets, garage sales, and thrift shops to find old furniture, wheelbarrows, farming implements, and other discards gardeners could use to decorate their outdoor spaces. If you are an artist or are skilled in wood- or metalworking, pottery, or ceramics, you can also create a line of gardening accessories.

Success Tips: Read gardening publications, visit flower shows, view gardening television shows to stay current with the latest outdoor decorating trends. Contact garden designers, clubs, centers, and hardware stores to see if they are interested in buying and/or selling your items. Market your items at home and garden and craft retail and wholesale shows. Give talks to gardening clubs about container gardening and garden decor. A business web site with photos may reach nation- or worldwide markets.


*Garden Accessories: Designing with Collectibles, Planters, Fountains, & More by Teri Dunn

*The Container Garden: Over 40 Creative Designs for Planters, Pots, Boxes, Baskets and Tubs by Stephanie Donaldson

8. Indoor Plant Maintenance Service

Contract with business owners, institutions, restaurants, and building owners to maintain the health and attractiveness of their indoor plants. Purchase plants from wholesalers or raise them yourself and rent or lease these to customers. Individuals who will be out-of-town for an extended period will also need your plant care services.

Success Tips: Offer free consultations to evaluate clients’ indoor spaces to recommend the ideal plants that will look best and thrive in the areas they designate. You should have a thorough knowledge about common plant care and diseases. Market your services through your local Chamber of Commerce and hand out business cards to contacts in offices and organizations you frequent.


*Interior Planting: A Guide to Plantscapes in Work and Leisure Places by Lynne Lockwood Seignot

9. Specialty Herbs

The popularity of herbs has increased in recent years as research has revealed their natural benefits and multi-purpose uses. Herbs are used in all types of cooking, to enhance gardens with their beauty and scents, for natural pesticides, for dried floral arrangements, for beauty products, and in a variety of additional products like potpourri, pillows and even pet toys. You can grow herbs year-round with just a small greenhouse and a little plot of ground.

Success Tips: Professional herb-growers encourage customers with courses and workshops and sometimes host radio and cable television shows about the cultivation and use of herbs. Grow your own specialty herbs or create unique products to help you compete with larger, commercial and foreign markets.


*Herb World

*Growing Your Herb Business by Bertha Report

*Creating an Herbal Bodycare Business by Sandy Maine

10. Raising Beneficial Insects, Earthworms

Raising beneficial insects and earthworms can provide backyard gardeners and organic farmers with safe, chemically free alternatives to control destructive pests while improving the growth and quality of their fruits and vegetables. Some entrepreneurs also raise butterfly larvae for education groups, rear mealworms for pet stores and birders or engage in traditional bee-keeping for selling honey and beeswax products and leasing their hives for crop pollination.

Success Tips: Contact your local county extension office for information about restrictions concerning the transportation and raising of insects; and for referrals to potential customers. Enroll in entomology courses and then raise some insects or earthworms on a small scale. Promote business by giving entertaining talks to schools and research the potential of selling your insects to gardening catalogs, commercial greenhouses, and/or through a web site.


*Beekeeping as a Business by Richard Jones

*Beneficial Insects — How to Mass-Rear for a Profit by Bob Saffell

*Good Bugs for Your Garden by Allison Mia Starcher

*Profitable Earthworm Farming by Charlie Morgan

11. Recycling Consultant

As the world’s increasing population exhausts natural resources, government agencies and organizations strive to regulate and encourage businesses to be “green” and “environmentally-friendly” in their operations. Recycling consultants specialize in areas where they have had previous experience such as construction, manufacturing, and other industries and know the laws and guidelines of getting rid of that trade’s waste.

Success Tips: Contact your state, county and local municipalities for present recycling programs and regulations. Market your expertise directly to these same agencies as well as to business owners and nonprofit organizations to help them save money through recycling, and possibly act as a broker to assist them in selling by-products and scraps to other sources.


*National Recycling Coalition

*Ecopreneuring: The Complete Guide to Small Business Opportunities from the Environmental Revolution by Steven J. Bennett

*Trash to Cash: How Businesses Can Save Money and Increase Profits by Fran Berman

12. Graffiti Removal

Graffiti vandalism defaces buildings, abandoned homes, and other places in both urban and rural settings. Studies show that speedy and continued graffiti removal results in less reoccurrences. Removal methods may include paint out, chemical removal, and power washing.

Success Tips – Many government agencies award contracts to graffiti-removal businesses that use environmentally safe cleaning and paint products. Market your services to other community business owners, apartment owners, insurance companies and institutions. Follow authorities’ graffiti-reporting procedures and their guidelines for removal and restoration. Your business will receive good publicity as it promotes civic pride when you work with law enforcement agencies, and community groups to eradicate graffiti and its causes.


*Keeping It Clean: Removing Exterior Dirt, Paint Stains and Graffiti from Historic Exterior Masonry by Anne E. Grimmer

13. Water & Soil Testing & Air Pollution Assessment

Businesses need experts to advise them how to prevent environmental incidents and how to adhere to increasingly rigorous governmental regulations. Property owners worry about the quality of their drinking water, soil, and air. Professionals in these areas provide testing and information on the latest technologies and products, solutions for compliance to laws and how to ensure safe working and living spaces for employees and homeowners.

Success Tips – Environmental consultants can be engineers, scientists, health and safety specialists, ecologists, and other authorities in their fields. Customer referrals, direct marketing to homeowners, attending environmental conferences and shows, and having a business web site are all effective marketing methods.


*www.Eco-Web.com/– environmental company

*www.Environmental-Expert.com/ – web information center for environmental professionals

14. Specialized Organic Compost & Potting Soil

Mulches are used in gardens to suppress weeds, conserve soil moisture, reduce soil erosion, and modify the soil temperature and help to enrich and aerate soils. If you have access to grain- or grass-eating animal waste and chemical-free compost and garden litter, you can purchase wholesale quantities of perlite, bone meal and lime to mix your own special soils and then sell to certified organic producers and gardeners who need selected growing media for starting seeds and maintaining their plants.

Success Tips: Contact and work with your local cooperative extension agents for information on soils, compost, and testing. Market your composts and specialty soils to local farms, nurseries, commercial greenhouses, landscapers, florists, and plant shops, gardening clubs and centers. Because many municipalities and landfills are not accepting “green” wastes, you can conduct workshops for gardeners on how to turn their garden and kitchen wastes into valuable compost.


Let It Rot! The Gardener’s Guide to Composting by Stu Campbell

Mulch It!: A Practical Guide To Using Mulch In The Garden And Landscape by Stu Campbell

15. Alternative Energy Consultant for Homeowners & Businesses – Solar, Hydro, Wind

With rising heating oil and gas prices, people look for cost-efficient ways to heat and power their homes and businesses. With an engineering degree and expertise about alternative energy methods and products, you can evaluate facilities’ energy usage and make recommendations for more efficient techniques or optional energy sources. Potential clients include small utility companies, educational institutions, business and property owners, local governments, and builders.

Success Tips: Contact a local office ofThe National Association of State Energy Officials www.naseo.org/,for possible placement on their business referral list.This State Energy Program (SEP) is the only federally funded, state-based program administered by the U.S. Department of Energy that provides resources directly to the States. Promote business with presentations at local business owners associations’ meetings, conferences and home shows.


Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Power with Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified by Rex Ewing

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Owner of Multiple Businesses Shares Entrepreneurial Expertise/Success

pexels-photo (8)

As someone who has been self-employed since the age of 23, Bella Bambino founder Rebecca Barlow has run into every bottleneck and inefficiency you could possibly imagine. Along the way, she’s learned a few major lessons: One, she’s learned that there’s no magic potion to increase the need to more productive – instead, it’s something she’s had to figure out over the years. Second, she’s learned that sometimes, it’s a matter of waiting it out when it’s become difficult to be productive and get things done. However, when she hasn’t had the luxury of waiting it out, she’s learned some crucial tips to maximize productivity:

1: Delegate! If you have staff working for you, take a good look at each person’s strengths and weaknesses and delegate accordingly. You can’t do everything on your own – there are no self-made millionaires – only team made. If you don’t yet have a team of staff working for you, look into outsourcing as much as you possibly can. There are very low cost ways to get things done. Virtual assistants are awesome! You can also outsource mundane but important tasks, like bookkeeping, and things that will free you up to be creative and focus on building your business, rather than working in your business. For me personally, nothing ruins my productivity more then having to stop and run to the grocery store or do accounting – those are things I outsource on a daily basis.

2: Stop checking email first! We’re all guilty of opening up the email first thing in the morning, or right when we get to our desk. Most of the time, emails aren’t time sensitive and can wait until later. Tackle the most important tasks of your day first thing in the morning and get it out-of-the-way! Then, you will have all the time you want for emails and social media!

3: Two-minute rule! This is something I read about a while ago and it really works. If something takes less than two minutes, do it now! You’ll be surprised at how many tasks take under two minutes, and you will clear a lot from your to-do list very quickly if you follow this rule.

4: Exercise! In order to be at maximum productivity, you must take care of yourself first. Ideally, you should exercise in the morning and spend a little time in prayer or meditation and focus on how you want the day to go. Tony Robbins calls this “priming.” Take some time for yourself every morning before you start working to set the tone for your day – you’ll be surprised at how much more productive you are when you put yourself first!

5: Set the tone! Whether you’re working from home or an office, make sure to have a dedicated space for creativity and workflow. I like to light a candle, and put some background music on. Lately, I’ve been using binary beats for focus. Hop onto Pandora or Spotify, and find something that makes you feel motivated and focused. Play it in the background so it’s not distracting – just background noise to help you focus. Often time, I will set a timer for an hour and play music or binary beats in the background. When the hours over and the timer rings, I take a break and I’m usually shocked at how much I’ve accomplished.

These are just a few of the things that have worked for me over the years. I still have my unproductive moments, but utilizing the steps really does help pull me back into a productive mode!

About Rebecca Barlow

Rebecca BarlowRebecca Barlow founded Bella Bambino Nannies in 2002. As a former nanny and working mother of 4, Rebecca understands the challenges you face when seeking in home childcare for your precious little ones. Recently, Rebecca has joined forces with Amy Bonnett, Amy brings with her several years of recruiting and staffing experience and a wealth of knowledge in the industry. As a mother herself, Amy is sympathetic to the needs of the parents she works with. Together, Rebecca and Amy have joined forces to create a domestic staffing company that is unparalleled in the industry. With Rebecca and Amy at the helm, Bella Bambino Nannies has grown and flourished into a fully staffed nationwide service that is known for its attention to detail and personalized customer service.

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Top Headliners & Thousands Of Music Fanatics Toast To 2017 At Snowta NYE in Minneapolis

The first annual SNOWTA NYE festival took Minneapolis by storm.
Featuring top-rated headliners, the first annual Snowta NYE was a dazzling production of light and sound.

Over the weekend, major metropolitan areas nationwide were lit up with massive music festivals to toast to the start of 2017. One such music extravaganza slayed all others in the Midwest: the first annual Snowta NYE festival. Taking place at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Snowta NYE attracted thousands of music lovers and shut down the final night of 2016 with performances by Waka Flocka Flame, Big Gigantic, Hippie Sabotage, and more. The festival also generated unsurpassable brand awareness for the top notch beverage sponsors like 612 Brew, a Minneapolis favorite.

Hippie Sabotage performs for a mass of fans at the first annual Snowta NYE festival.
Hippie Sabotage performs for a mass of fans at the first annual Snowta NYE festival in Minneapolis.

Snowta NYE 2017 was definitely one for the books. It featured multiple enormous music halls filled with attractions like a giant slide, a colorful ferris wheel, a skateboarding demo by 3rd Lair & Cal Surf, bars everywhere you looked, and stages chockfull of enchanting light installations. In one hall, Velvo got the party started with his electrifying set filled with thundering trap beats. Hippie Sabotage then blew everyone away with their riveting set featuring their renowned remix of Tove Lo’s “Habits” (Stay High). Infected Mushroom also shut down the Gray Duck Stage with their psychedelic trance set and mind-blowing visuals.

The giant crowd waits in anticipation for the next performer at Snowta NYE.

Later in the night, everyone rocked out and counted down to the new year at Big Gigantic’s vibrant show. The massive crowd danced and laughed under a cloud of colorful balloons and toasted to 2017 in magnificent party fashion. Other major highlights were the performance by lyrical phenomenon Prof, a local Minnesota rapper, and Waka Flocka Flame’s adrenaline-boosting set. He performed all of his top favorite hits, including “Rooster In My Rari,” “Round of Applause,” and “Wild Boy.” His set was definitely not one anyone wanted to miss.

SNOWTA NYE featured a lineup packed with big name artists like Infected Mushroom and Waka Flocka Flame.
Snowta NYE featured a lineup packed with big name artists like Infected Mushroom and Waka Flocka Flame.

Tipper closed out the festival and helped the thousands of attendees welcome 2017 in the highest of spirits. In all, SNOWTA NYE was a spectacular time and helped to further secure Minneapolis’s place as a top musical hub in the Midwest region. For Minnesota companies looking to get the word out about their offerings in the Twin Cities market, definitely sponsor next year’s Snowta NYE festival. You are guaranteed to amass countless new followers and reach a new milestone of success and brand recognition for the New Year.

Contact: Shannahch@gmail.com 

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Kick-Start Your Advertising Campaign with Key SEO Tactics

The Absolute Basic Principles of Getting Traction in Search Engines

Internet Marketing is perhaps the most important part of any business’s advertising campaign these days. If you aren’t marketing online, you are allowing your competition to literally steal business from you. Every day, tens of millions of people log onto the Internet to buy products. This number is growing every single passing year. Just last year, on Black Friday, the Internet did more gross sales volume in comparison to retail outlets for the first time ever.

Think about the last time you were looking for information — where did you look for it? When is the last time you took your search to the Yellow Pages? Odds have it — you went to your favorite search engine. Whether that was Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine, you most likely went online to find out information about a product or service. Perhaps you were reading reviews about a particular vehicle you are looking to purchase, or maybe you are looking for the top rated real estate agent in your local vicinity.

Whatever the reason for your search, you are bound to pull up answers. The Internet is literally the Manhattan of advertising. More people are being enraptured by the Internet on a daily basis than even cable television. The demographics are all over the board; people from all walks of life turn to the information superhighway to conduct searches, buy products, and make decisions.

If you own a business, and do not have an Internet presence, you are not being found or keeping up with the trends of today. Time and time again I speak with business owners who spend money on print ads who cannot tell me a ballpark return on investment for their efforts. With Internet marketing, and particularly with SEO, not only can you track a proper return on investment, but you can also get an exact read on the number of people who have seen your website on a daily basis. You can see what their actions were, get an idea of how many pages they viewed, and see how much time they spent on your website. From there, you can dial in your efforts and scale them to enhance the user experience.

I’m here to give small business owners some basic SEO tips that can help immediately boost search engine presence. If gaining extra traffic from organic, evergreen sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even YouTube would be beneficial for your business, follow these steps and watch your traffic increase exponentially.

If you are a beginner and need to beef up your information on SEO, this will give you the basic guidelines you will need to give your business a fighting chance to compete locally, nationally, or globally. Of course, not all SEO is equal, and hiring an expert is the logical next step, but I can show you what you or someone in your office can do in order to have the absolute basics down to a science and foster an environment where your website is viewed as healthy in search engines and can maximize its potential.

First off, search engine optimization, or “SEO,” is the function of enhancing and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors which are received by the website coming through the search engines. There are many components which are included in SEO, which range from the words on your page to the method in which other sites associate with you on the Internet. In some instances, SEO is only a problem of ensuring that your website is developed in a manner which can be understood by search engines.

Tip #1: Keep it Simple.

Use WordPress as a content management system platform for your website. It’s the most user-friendly platform currently offered and it makes updating content a cinch. If anyone in your business can use Microsoft Word or Excel, they can use WordPress. It’s easy to update the website to change store hours, update policies, or just let people know about promotions.

Search engine optimization is about developing websites which are search engine-friendly, and improving the website for viewers as well. People like to read compelling content and view rich media (videos and photos) that engage them. Does your website engage your audience? It is important to understand and comprehend that these values are linked with each other and work together.

Tip #2: Capture Your Audience with Video

An engaging welcome video goes a long way in letting your potential customers know about your home business. It also makes them feel welcome. Having a clear-cut voice behind the site provides trust. People shy away from doing business with websites that have no clear owner or accountability figure for the actions that take place on the site. Create trust by telling your visitors who you are and how you operate. While they watch the video, they are also staying on your website for a longer duration of time; something that Google loves and has factored into their algorithm is the amount of time people spend on websites.

Of course, you need to present content on your website that not only engages your audience, but that is also written well for search engines. Your keyword (you probably have multiple variations of keywords – not everyone uses the same search strings to find the same product) density must be proper and your keywords must appear on your website in order to give your business a chance at gaining search engine real rankings. Most SEO experts will suggest your target keyword appear on your website between 1% and 2% of the overall number of words.

Tip #3: Content is King

Again, your content must not only engage your audience, but it also must keep the search engines in mind. If your content lacks the proper use of keywords, you are not giving yourself a chance. When people hire an SEO agency, the more advanced tactics include using these keywords in title tags as well as optimizing images, including geo-tagging them for local relevancy.

These days, everyone must have a social media presence. Social media is quickly becoming the most important factor in whether a business will sink — or swim — online. A social media campaign not only shows Google that you “exist”, but it shows them that you are “alive and well” when you are active with social media updates.

Updating social media frequently and sharing content will create signals to search engines that notify them that you are active and marketing your home business online. Search engines do NOT like dormant businesses. If you have a website, or social media presence, and you do not update the websites frequently, you are way behind the eight ball.

Tip #4: Social Media is a Must

Here are some tips that will help boost your social media presence and clarify which social media platforms are the ones you need to have a presence on if your company wants to succeed online.

For starters, go out and get a Google Plus (Google My Business) page. This is the most important part of any campaign. Google literally mails a post card to each and every business registered on Google Plus to confirm that they are indeed at the location they mail it to. Once confirmed, the business gets extra credibility from Google.

Google Plus will also be a login you can use for YouTube. Get a promotional video on your YouTube channel and link it to your website. YouTube also allows you to use your channel to link to all of your other associated social media properties. This gives your site a massive boost as well. Do not overlook the power of YouTube, because when people “Google” your business name, your promotional video will most likely show up on page one. Why? Because Google owns YouTube.

Facebook is also a great place to not only have a presence, but to advertise locally for free. You can target people in your area with Facebook ads. Not only that, but you can announce promotions to your followers and fans.

My favorite up-and-coming way to create a following is Instagram. Not only does Google love when you have a link from these very high authority websites, but if you use relevant hashtags, you can gain followers and organic traffic to your website. Every small business can gain a following. I’ve seen gyms, bakeries, restaurants, personal trainers, and real estate agents use this platform to talk about successes, share photos, and motivate others with a ton of success. People love photos, so share them.

These are absolutely FREE methods you can utilize to boost the search engine presence of your business. If you are looking for anything fully managed and much more advanced, please feel free to reach out to our company for a risk-free proposal and full search engine analysis.


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