Work From Home Money Making Methods That Actually Work

The economy is dwindling, job listings are getting scarcer by the day, and you are barely managing to pay your bills with the nominal amount you get as salary every month.  Quitting the 9-5 jobs for something more adventurous and challenging sounds like a fantastic idea. However, personal commitments and professional responsibilities hold us back from living our life the way we want to. Well, time to change that. The virtual platform is a goldmine for earning opportunities that allow you to work from home. Mentioned below are six such money making tips that you can check out:

Freelancing- Sell Your Words

Freelancing or content writing is highly prefered among college students and youngsters. There are loads of companies looking for talented writers with a flair for marketing. If you have even a couple of hours to devote to writing articles, then freelancing might be just your calling. Today, freelancers have a variety of markets to choose from, fashion, technical, informative- the possibilities are endless! Most companies usually ask for a sample article for analyzing your writing style and grammar.

Online Surveys- Sell Your Opinions

You can even earn a decent sum of money by filling out survey forms for different market research programs online. All you have to do is answer a few questions as honestly as you can. Online surveys and questionnaires are a primary source of information for e-commerce stores and websites to get an idea about customer preferences. There are loads of review portals online where you can apply, just fill out a registration form submitting your geographical location, income range, age, gender and other details. The companies then match the information with their surveys sending you those that you are qualified for.

Web Hosting

Web hosting based on reseller hosting plans enables entrepreneurs to make significant money by selling hosting services of existing providers, by bundling their own marketing power on top of it. Web hosting services entail providing robust support and storage space for web pages to operate on. It is a pretty competitive field where you have to constantly be on your toes to maintain a substantial web presence. However, the results are very rewarding as well. Hosting companies rent businessmen a limited storage space and bandwidth for a set time at a fixed price. If you have the time and technical skill for handling hosting services, then this is the right business opportunity for you.

Sell Your Old Stuff

If you have much unnecessary junk cluttering your house, sell it online! The quickest and easiest way of making some extra cash is selling the unwanted stuff online. There are numerous sites and e-stores online where you can contact prospective customers and fix a deal. Portals like Ebay, OLX, and Amazon are reliable platforms for connecting the buyer and the seller. Moreover, with the many high-tech options such as live chats and video calls, clients can ensure the quality and condition of the product before making a purchase.

Online Tutorials- Sell Your Knowledge

Online tutorials and e-classes have become a hit among the young tech-savvy generation. From learning algebra to figuring out how to play the guitar, there’s a teacher for almost everything online. The best part is that almost anyone can start their tutorial classes. There is always a need for teachers online who can explain school lessons in a straightforward and engaging way. If you have a passion or know a unique way to do things, then share it with the world!

Start A Blog

Last but not the least, blogging is a significant earning ground for budding entrepreneurs who want to start something independently and share their passions with like-minded people on the internet. Starting a blog is the easiest way to spread an opinion on a global platform, and if you are good at it, then you can even monetize your content, sell Amazon products and offer advertising.

The Bottom Line

Home-based jobs, though exciting and flexible, are not a permanent income source. They are to be treated as part-time jobs that you can indulge in your free time. However, that said and done, many professionals have quit their “regular” jobs to devote their full attention and effort towards their online enterprise.

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Entrepreneur Neil Billock Sees Opportunity in Puerto Rican Market

Flags” (CC By 2.0) by Joe Shlabotnik

Entrepreneur Neil Billock says that the lack of American companies in Puerto Rico means there is ample room for growth on the small Caribbean island. He and his wife have recently moved to the island to take advantage of the incredible scenery and affordable living costs. He has opened a marketing consultancy business and believes he can help U.S. companies leverage the often overlooked Puerto Rican market.

“Because Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, rather than an incorporated state, many businesses overlook it as a potential market for business,” Billock says. “But Puerto Rico has many direct ties to the United States and Western culture which makes it the perfect location for expansion. In addition, firms don’t have to deal with the often complex regulations associated with trading overseas.”

Neil and his family moved to Dorado, Puerto Rico late last year. Moving to the Caribbean had been a long-term dream of the couple who felt that intensity of life in the United States was something worth escaping. Dorado, a small town on the north coast of the island, is a popular destination for expats seeking beachfront property and access to world-class golf courses. Neil had spent the past 15 years of his career as a marketing executive for various firms in the United States but is hoping to work on a job-by-job basis now that he has made the move offshore. His consultancy business will work with a range of companies seeking advice on direct marketing strategies.

“Spanish as the primary language shouldn’t be a deterrence for businesses when considering Puerto Rico,” Billock says. “Given the amount of Spanish speakers in particular regions of the United States, the marketing industry has become adept at marketing across language barriers. Many of the firms I worked with in the past required strategies that dealt with Spanish speaking customers. My consultancy will continue to consider this an important strategy going forward.”

“Given my new location and my experience, I believe I would be a primary calling point for businesses seeking marketing strategies in Puerto Rico,” Billock says. “I’m hoping more businesses will begin to contact me regarding not only marketing in the United States, but in Puerto Rico also.”

If you’d like to find out more about Neil Billock and the services he can provide you or your firm, you can find his contact details on his personal URL: neilbillock.weebly.com

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Ten Neighborhoods to Look for Solid Returns in Real Estate

Real estate investing is a tricky business.  Not only do you need to get the timing right, but you also need to invest in the right location.  This includes knowing whether the neighborhood is thriving, on the verge of a massive revitalization, or if its properties have reached their peak.  While savvy investors can make money in all three scenarios, for most people the best pick is the sure thing.  With that in mind, here is our list of the ten best neighborhoods in the country to look for solid returns in real estate.

Copyright: pixelrobot / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: pixelrobot / 123RF Stock Photo

10. Windsor Park – Austin, Texas

At the heart of red state, Texas is a deep-blue city, Austin. The state capital is also a booming town for tech companies and has a great food scene among other things.  While there are several great neighborhoods in this town, the best of the best is Windsor Park.  Located to the northeast of the University of Texas campus, this neighborhood outshines all other neighborhoods when it comes to returns and this is a big plus if you are an investor.

9. Altamonte Springs – Orlando, Florida

While metro-Miami tends to steal most of the headlines when it comes to real estate in Florida, the truth is that Orlando is one of the better places to invest.  Not only is the economy booming in the Orlando area, but the demographics of the town are changing.  One of the best neighborhoods in the area is Altamonte Springs.  This suburban city combines the best of a small town while being close to the big city.  By the way, the returns are quite attractive as well.

8. Grant Park – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is an amazing city and one of the best neighborhoods in the city is Grant Park.  While other neighborhoods in the city are getting near peak valuation, investors believe properties in this neighborhood can deliver solid returns.  Grant Park homes offer a touch of history and convenient location at the heart of Atlanta. If you are looking to purchase and sell your home, finding an experienced property management company will help you increase your chances of choosing the right home.

7. The Art District – Las Vegas, Nevada

While it is hard to win big in the casinos, Las Vegas real estate is close to a sure thing.  The city is not just The Strip; there are several other neighborhoods with outstanding returns.  One such neighborhood is The Art District.  This neighborhood offers a mix of eclectic coffee shops, art galleries, and some tremendous loft spaces.  So, if you are an investor, you should check it out.

6. East Salem – Salem, Oregon

Forget Stumptown—smart investors are setting their sights on Salem.  While it is very hard to pick the best neighborhood in this city, East Salem probably offers the best bang for the buck.


5. Mahncke Park – San Antonio, Texas

Halfway through the list, and the profits keep rolling in when it comes to real estate investing in Mahncke Park.  Granted Alamo Park and Government Hill tend to get most of the press, but this tight-knit neighborhood offers great values, which will serve you well in the long-term.

4. Ivywild – Colorado Springs

Colorado is so much more than Denver and if you are an investor, then you need to consider the Ivywild neighborhood of Colorado Springs.  While this neighborhood was in decline for a long time, it is making a comeback and if you are looking for real estate returns in Colorado Springs, then this is the neighborhood for you.

3. Eastmark – Mesa, Arizona

One string which ties many of these neighborhoods together is a vibrant tech community.  The Eastmark neighborhood of Mesa, Arizona is no different.  Apple is moving much of their operations close by and there are several other high-tech and research jobs to be had.  What does this mean?  Real estate values are set to skyrocket.

2. Arlington – Jacksonville, Florida

This city in Florida’s northeast is thriving. It is fast becoming a logistics center for the entire Southeastern U.S. and a number of specialty manufacturing companies are moving into the area.  The military also has a big presence in the city as well.  When looking for the best neighborhoods, you should consider Arlington.  The area is one of the first places settled by Europeans in the country and today it offers a great mix of history, suburban charm, and proximity to downtown Jacksonville.

1. Sugar House – Salt Lake City, Utah

Located to the southeast of downtown SLC, Sugar House features a large park and a trolley which runs into the city center.  While the neighborhood had been run-down, it is making a comeback in a big way.  This has brought families back into the neighborhood and with them the real estate returns—don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

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An Investment in Liberty and Practicality

The Freedom Of Modern Aviation

The world of aviation has been going through some surprising transitions over the last several decades, and aircraft represents not just the freedom of the skies. Aviation also represents an escape route should the worst case scenario being touted across the media come into play. It’s an advantage many pilots are certainly cognizant of.

Having a pilot’s license is the portal to obtaining an aircraft. There are certain “timeshare” scenarios where multiple pilots have a stake in a single plane, and these are certainly worthwhile. But once you’ve made that integral step into owning your own plane, even more possibilities open up.

Obtaining a pilot’s license, and then an airplane, represents more than just an entertaining hobby. There’s a certain kind of freedom that goes with being in the air, above the cares of the world. You can see all of mankind spread out like a collective organism in metropolitan areas, and like tiny stars in rural regions. The hills flatten, and the horizon broadens as clouds pass by.

Modern Aviation 1

It’s like nothing else, flying your own fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter through the skies. There’s excitement, there’s danger, and there’s the satisfaction of understanding you have sourced a skill few have, and which requires dedication to acquire. But these things, when you get right down to it, are really just icing on the cake.

Public And Private Solutions

Beyond an escape route, private pilots can also offer public service in the form of immediately available life-flight provisions for remote areas. There is also the propensity for tourist services in remote areas, and transit to and from locations where traditional airlines may not have service. While this isn’t the reason many private pilots get their “wings”, it is a strategy.

There are also quite a few private pilots who work for clients that own private jets. Oftentimes these pilots used to fly large airlines, but in many cases there are private pilots who get involved with this kind of work entirely independent of conventional channels.

Then there’s the most obvious echelon of aviation, public transportation. From Delta to United, many airlines have fleets of jets which require regular maintenance and upkeep to remain flightworthy.

For all these scenarios, it is fundamentally necessary that systems be maintained at their peak functionality. The Federal Aviation Administration has strictures in place for public and private pilots. Your aircraft must pass an “annual” if you’re flying independently. There are even more rigorous strictures for public flight options.

Modern Aviation 2

Keeping the investment of an aircraft, and even a pilot’s license, requires continuous work. Part of that work is repair of systems. Your plane, no matter how well maintained, is going to need parts replaced, parts upgraded, and systems repaired. You’re going to need tools, components, and an immediately available solution to source these things.

Finding aero aviation solutions requires sourcing components from trusted providers like AeroInStock.com, a website for a company that: “For over 40 years…has been the “In-Stock” choice for high quality aircraft parts.” Such organizations understand the atmosphere, and how to properly provide that which is needed for multiple kinds of clients.

Adventure And Advancement

Beyond the net worth of an airplane and the potential worth of something like a license, you’ve got the added payment of actual experience in the skies. Aviation is relatively new to recorded history. Certainly there are theories of ancient cultures like the Aztecs and Incas having some form of flight, but these are largely unsubstantiated.

Flight is primarily a modern echelon of technological development, and as such represents a frontier of new discovery. Lastly, being able to fly means being abreast of developments fundamentally changing mankind.

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Create an Effective Business Event Invitation Email

Business Event Invitation Email

Creating an effective business event invitation email is more than just about telling the date, venue and timing of the event. The purpose of such emails is to make the receiver of the email want to come to your event.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to make sure that your email contains the necessary elements that provide the potential attendees with a strong reason to visit your event. Below is a list of certain important factors that need to be borne in mind when writing an invitation email.

Primary elements of a successful event invitation email

#1 – A catchy subject line

The first thing that everyone looks at before opening an email is the subject line. Undoubtedly then, it is worth every piece of effort you put in to make the subject line as compelling as possible. The good news is that creating an effective subject line is not all that hard.

The first step is to consider yourself as the potential receiver of the email. That is, analyze and understand what would make you open an email or what kind of a subject line will attract you the most.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the subject line is short and gets the message across in the least amount of time. Longer subject lines are usually ignored and the receiver may simply perceive the email as spam or unnecessary.

Thirdly, optimize the subject line for various devices. Not everyone will be viewing your email on a PC. Given the increasing number of people using smart devices to access their emails, it only makes sense to have the subject line display properly across all other devices.

#2 – Personalization

Personalization is the key to any sort of email and not just for event invitations. Personalization involves using language that connects with the viewer on a personal note. For instance, the first paragraph of the body may be,

“We are honored to invite you to our annual…..”, instead of “This email is an invitation to our annual…”

Such personalization creates a sense of attachment and resonates well with the target audience as they feel that they are being valued.

#3 – Consistency

Consistency involves aligning the subject, body and other types of content such as pictures or logos with each other. Otherwise, the reader may simply perceive the email to be unprofessional and hence not attend your event.

Ensure that you have a strong and concise heading that is in line with the subject of the email. Furthermore, if you are using any form of pictures, they need to be such that they convey the same message throughout.

Remember that such emails are an integral part of brand creation. As such, everything needs to resonate with the brand values that you want to create for the event.

#4 – A clear description of the event and link to your website

The details of the event should be mentioned right in the beginning. Such details should include the date, time and the exact venue of the event.

You must then include a link to your website or landing page that further elaborates what the event is about.

You can read more about creating effective invitation emails here

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How to Improve Your E-commerce Website in 2017

Nowadays, it’s highly important to keep your e-commerce frequently updated as new technologies are released on a daily basis, and your competitors can easily take your place at the top.


Focus on simplicity

Your website must be as simplistic as possible due to the fact that customers don’t want to spend hours of searching for their desired product. Frankly, most of them don’t even know what they actually want. You must provide your client’s with a personalized experience that would guide them throughout the website so that they can choose the needed items.

Ensure that your website could provide recommendations based on their selections. This way, you will cut their time spent in browsing, which would result in more conversions. However, you should not give them way too many options, as they can get easily distracted when they don’t know which one to pick.

Responsive website is a must

You can’t have a successful e-commerce without having a responsive design. You must invest money to ensure that your website can be browsed from each and every platform, which includes not only laptops but tablets, smartphones, and personal computers.

Some designs might look magnificent on large screens, but they can be quite unresponsive on mobile phones, for example. In recent years, statistics show that more people are browsing the internet from their phones, rather than their laptops. This means that you might be losing a lot of money because your site is not optimized.

If your business is not ready for a professionally made application, then you must have a responsive design to convert your mobile customers.

Options & search bar

Incorporate a search engine in your website in order to have a user-friendly internet site, because clients want to navigate through the platform quickly and find what they need without any hassles.

The options you provide within your categories should not be cluttered, which means that everyone should find them quickly. These options should provide your clients with products that they have never even thought of. This way, you increase your chances of converting them. If your search engine provides recommendations or predictions, then it’s going to be even more used by the individuals looking at your website.

Straightforward checkout process

This is the most important aspect of your website, and you must make it incredibly simplistic. Remove all unnecessary product options and advertisements because they can distract the customer, which would lead them to another page.

The customer must know how many steps he has to take to finish the buying process and wait for his product. Making it complicated would result in far fewer purchases. Analyze your website’s statistics, and if there are far too many people abandoning this page, then you have to make the necessary steps to improve it.

Make all of the payment options clear and easy to execute, whether it is PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, or any other type of payment option.

The importance of live chats

The most important part of running a business is the customer service. You must be easily reachable when your client needs your help, no matter what the reason is. Live chats provide easy access to your team, and you can help them on-the-go. In most cases, this increases the conversion chances considerably.

When you think about it from the client’s point of view, the chances are that you won’t bother calling the phone either if you have a particular problem. E-mails are widely used on such occasions, but they are considered rather slow, and the client will probably choose to go elsewhere for the time you answer.

Chat services are instant, they eliminate a number of problems, and they will surely impress your customers.

Final Words

The idea is to keep the content of your website up-to-date, as clients wish to see new things more often. Don’t forget to update your blog with newer articles and change the featured and popular products every once in a while.

Optimize your website’s design regularly as well, because technologies change incredibly fast in modern days. A five-year-old design can be considered ancient by some of your clients.

Show your buyers why your website is better than the rest of your competitors. Is it easy to use? Are your prices lower than others? Tell people why you are the best and they will recognize you sooner or later!

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7 Amazing Women Founded Products

mixed chicksMixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks was launched by two “mixed chicks” on a mission to create a product line to meet the unique hair and skin demands of the multicultural woman. They’ve turned a dream into a reality, providing women of different ethnicities with hair care and makeup products that embrace their diversity.

With their Daily Hair Dress, they’re turning back the clock on dry, brittle hair using the healing properties of avocado, almond, and safflower oils. Their safe formula can be used as often as desired for an extra dose of strength and shine when you need it most! Mixed Chicks leaves your hair inviting to the touch by defining and locking moisture into every curl!

spattyThe Spatty

Cheryl Rigdon has always been a problem-solver, and when she got annoyed by not being able to access the product at the bottom of her expensive bottles of makeup and lotion, she came up with a solution. That solution was the Spatty! The Spatty is a new, innovative tool that fits perfectly in any small space in order to collect all the last bits of your beauty products. The BPA-free product comes in two sizes, 6-inch and 12-inch, perfect for just about any sized product! You’ll be amazed by the amount of money you’re about to save when you stop wasting the last of your makeup and beauty products!


This Women’s Business Enterprise was the first company to launch fashionable peel-and-stick wallpaper! Tempaper is family-owned and operated by the original founders Katherine Szilagyi and her twin nieces Julia Biancella and Jennifer Matthews. They continually try to reinvent the wheel with new textures and finishes. It quickly became one of the top solutions for many design problems and a fun alternative to decorating surfaces. The Tempaper collections reach many style categories to ensure that they can be used within any design project!


samanthaSamantha Leibowitz

After launching her career at the age of 14 on the Fashion Board for Nordstrom, Samantha Leibowitz’s passion grew stronger for the fashion industry. Throughout the years, Samantha advanced her skills in pattern making, draping, designing, sketching and color. With all of her acquired knowledge Samantha Leibowitz New York was born! This stunning New York based fashion brand features all of the latest trends in dresses, tops, skirts, rompers, and accessories! Samantha L offers a twist of classic and modern styles, ensuring you feel comfortable and fashionable for any occasion!

Bosom Couture

Bosom Couture creator and founder, Dawn Jackson, had acquired a closet filled with fashion “hopefuls” that were just waiting (and waiting) to be worn…once she found that “perfect” bra!

Bosom Couture Boob Glue® finally give her and all women more options! This fabulous gel ensures that your breasts stay exactly where you want them in the most natural way possible. No more adjusting strapless bras or other uncomfortable remedies, because with Bosom Couture you control how your breasts appear!

unnamed (45)

face atelierFACE Atelier

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices of foundation that “match” your skin tone? Founder Debbie Bondar created FACE atelier in part because she couldn’t find a foundation that did just that! She decided to develop an edited line of sophisticated, versatile, age and race neutral makeup that simply works! FACE atelier emphasizes innovation over imitation, offering easy-to-use products driven by quality, performance and originality. The star of the line, FACE atelier Ultra Foundation, has its own following that includes Billy B, one of the most sought after A-list makeup artists in the world.

Hip Peas

From one mom to another, Stephanie searched without success for a child-friendly product to help with her daughters sensitive hair needs. With a bachelor’s in biomedical science, a master’s in healthcare administration, and her “street knowledge” as a conscious mom, she knew she had the scientific expertise, health-focused business training, and passion for the subject to create her own healthy hair care products! Thus, Hip Peas was born! Free of harmful chemicals and irritants, this brand is the safe choice for babies, children, and even sensitive adults. Not only do these products actually work, they are free of dangerous ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals!

  • peaTest out the Shampoo & Body Wash! Made with natural ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin or eyes because this rich foaming lather is hypoallergenic and has a light non-toxic fragrance.

  • The Conditioner gives your hair that special touch and actually works to hydrate your hair the health way.

  • The Detangler can wrangle the knots in any hair type and it even increases shine and eliminates frizz! This healthy collection is great for both men and women!

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Seven of the Best Reasons for Working in Construction

If you’ve been working in construction for a while now, or if you’re thinking about getting into it after school or college, you may be asking yourself why you got into it, or why you should. There are countless reasons, really – just take a look around you – humans need buildings, and lots of them! But there are lots of other, less-obvious things about a career in construction that should make you happy and proud. Here’s just seven of them…


All those buildings that people need and rely on to function as a society – you helped to build some of them!

Not many other professions give you the opportunity to say that to yourself and to others. You may be walking or driving past a new hospital, or a new school and you can feel satisfied and proud that you helped to get the RSJs just right, or that you poured the concrete that the kids are now running around on.

As part of the construction industry, you’re the backbone of a strong economy

A country’s strength is closely allied to its construction industry. If there are lots of construction projects going on, there’s lots of new jobs being created, bringing new funds, new faces and new life into communities. This is without mentioning the long-term benefits of the new infrastructure.

You can make as much progress within the industry as you like

You’ll start off at the bottom, it’s true, but construction is an egalitarian kind of industry, especially if you work for a more progressive company like Lagan Construction Group. You’ll be able to work your way up the ranks, learning new skills and areas of expertise every day, from people who have been working in the job for decades.

You see immediate results

Construction is a very physical job (you already knew that, of course) and so you see the results of your labour every day. For example, if you are installing new garage doors for new homes, you will see the immediate impact. There’s no waiting for experiment results to come back, no big data to have to interpret – just making things happen and watching your team members doing the same!

Every day is different

OK, there’ll be the occasional boring day, but that just makes the non-boring ones even better. Each new site, each new project, brings something different to the table.

You’ll be able to work with a solid, cohesive team

Working together to build something and to solve problems is one of humanity’s biggest bonding experiences. You’ll learn people-skills and also make friends for life. The construction industry is known for its close networks as teams and companies often collaborate over the years and get to know one another. You’ll also bond strongly with the members of your own team; even though some of them might drive you mad, you know they’re great at their job and that you can rely on them.

All these great benefits and you get a decent pay packet, too

You’ll rarely be out of work if you go into construction and many companies offer generous overtime and bonus schemes to go alongside your basic salary.

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How to Ensure Your Real Estate Investment Has Positive Cash Flow

Copyright: dolgachov / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: dolgachov / 123RF Stock Photo

The holy grail of real estate investing, acquiring properties you can rent for more than it costs to own and operate them should always be your goal. Like any other business, to be successful, you must be profitable. Fortunately, there are some key strategies you can employ to ensure your real estate investment has positive cash flow.

The first thing you need to do is find an area with the potential for growth with which you are familiar—or can become familiar. Most investors start out buying near where they live. However, if you’re located in a mature (read very expensive) market such as San Francisco or Manhattan, you’ll likely be better off targeting a newer, more suburban area.

However, rather than going in blindly, spend some time getting to know the region. You want to get a solid understanding of the types of people who are attracted to a given neighborhood, what it costs to maintain properties there, and most importantly, how much rent you can charge and still be competitive.

Once you’ve studied the locale, it will be easier for you to recognize solid opportunities when you run across them. This is where working with a residential property management company like Onerent can also be beneficial to your enterprise. The best ones know the areas they serve and can make solid recommendations based upon your preferences.

When purchasing, ideally, you’ll want to get into your investments for at least 20 percent less than the location’s median price. You’ll also pay for inspections, appraisals and transfer fees when you purchase, so these should be factored into the purchase price. You can then apply the following equation to get a rough idea of the profit potential of the investment.

(Gross Annual Rent/Purchase Price) x 100 =

If the answer is eight percent or more, you’ll probably be fine. Anything over 10 percent is pretty much a slam-dunk. A number below eight percent is likely to be problematic. Keep in mind; this assumes you have your costs in line so they don’t eat into that eight to 10 percent margin. So before you get excited about it, take some time to calculate the expenses you’ll need to cover.

One of the most important costs is the typical vacancy rate for the area in which the property is located. Your local realtor board can usually supply this information.  Whatever the percentage works out to be, you’d be smart to hold a commensurate amount of the property’s annual income in reserve to cover it. Property taxes should also be included in your operating costs.

Repairs, maintenance and turnover costs usually come in at around five percent of the annual income, so you should set aside cash for those as well. While repair costs won’t come up all the time—if you’ve identified a sound property—it’s better to have the cash in reserve than it is to scramble to find the funds when an emergency arises.

Looking at all of these numbers, you’ve by now realized only a small percentage of the properties you’ll encounter will qualify as guaranteed profit-making propositions. This is why it’s so important to go in with your eyes open to ensure your real estate investment has positive cash flow.

Basing your decisions on solid math, rather than speculation — or worse, an emotional response — will help you keep your choices grounded in reality. While it’s very easy to fall in love with a pretty property, it’s important to remember beauty is only skin-deep. Negative cash flow cuts to the bone.

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20 Practical Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name for Your Brand

Domain Name

When it comes to selecting a domain name for your brand, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Domain names should be short, relevant to your business, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. If clients can’t find your website easily and recommend it by word of mouth, you are lacking something. This piece takes a look at 20 important domain name tips.

..But first, where can you buy a domain name?

A quick search online would present you with numerous options for registering your company’s domain. You can choose any of the numerous registrars and work with them. Depending on the kind of domain you are seeking to buy, you can expect to spend as little as $10 on a name and as high as 6-digit sums for premium names. If you already have a chosen hosting provider, you should consider getting a domain from them, since many of them offer free domains when you purchase hosting, and it can help to keep domain name and hosting in the same place.

Now to choose your domain name

1 Choose a brandable name

This is why experts advise you to brainstorm domains as well, when choosing your company name. A brand name that is accompanied by the same domain name is beneficial. You only need to look at the biggest brands and their domains, and how they dominate the search engines to understand this point. It’s easy for Coca Cola, Amazon or Apple customers to find the business online because the brand name is the domain name.

2 The .com extension should be high on your list

…But don’t get fixated on it. There have been many arguments on why the .com extension is the king of domains and why you must get one. There is some backing to those arguments as many web users are still addicted to expecting a .com ending for a website following years of dominance by the extension. However, the landscape has changed a lot in the last few years. New generic Top Level Domains have been introduced, with more in the pipeline. Users are slowly acclimatising to the fact that businesses can use other extensions. However, if the .com extension is available for your chosen name, go for it.

3 Ensure ease of typing

The short attention span of the typical web user is well documented. They would rather not visit your company website if they have to copy and paste the address from somewhere else or they have to struggle to remember it. Keep things easy and straightforward.

4 Consider keywords

What is your business about? You should consider using keywords in your niche. This is even more important where you are unable to secure a brand domain name.

5 Choose a pronounceable name

If the name can’t be pronounced, you would not be able to take advantage of word of mouth advertising. Seek the opinion of several external parties to be certain that the domain name can be pronounced.

6 Beware of trademark infringements

If your chosen domain name would be seen as a clear infringement on an existing trademark, you could be courting lawsuits. This is why you should consider legal advice during the process of choosing the company’s domain name. If the domain sounds similar to the name of another company, avoid it.

7 Short and Memorable Wins

Can the name be remembered after a glance? Some of the best domain names are short and memorable. Examples include: Hubspot, Facebook, Twitter, Behance, MOZ, Alexa and more. Notice something about them? They are mostly one or two syllable names.

8 Avoid numbers and hyphens

…And all special characters. They are a drag. Most people would not remember them and those who attempt, could make mistakes that would either lead them to your competitor or to a parked domain.

9 Choose a name for the long haul

You need to carefully complete the selection process as changing your mind years down the line can be debilitating, when the name has built some traction with your audience and the search engines.

10 Confirm social media availability

As a brand, you’ll need to use the same name across your social media channels. Check the availability of the name for the brand’s social media platforms.

11 The right domain name extension is vital

There is no reason to limit your brand with a country specific domain if your brand has a global reach- it sends the wrong signals.

12 Research

If you have read to this point, you’ll understand that the brand name decision is not one you can make lightly. Spend time on research. Which brings us to the next point.

13 Use a Domain Name Generator

There are many of them online. Feed the generator keywords and they can generate good domain names that can also double as your brand name.

14 Avoid personal domains

Even if your brand is a small home based business, avoid using your name as the domain. Apart from the negative impact on marketing and credibility, using a personalised domain is risky because it can be a pain when the brand grows bigger than you expected.

15 Feel Free to Modify

If you find that your brand name is unavailable, you can drop a letter or two or drop vowels to come up with a modified version of the name. Consider swapping letters like using KS for X using Z for S.

16 Stay Unique

Remember, your brand name should be unique. Originality creates a positive impression and also ensures that you won’t infringe on any trademarks.

17 Register other variants of your domain name including country specific domains

When you buy other versions of your brand name, you can avoid cybersquatting cases in the future. You can also redirect the additional domains to make sure you are not losing traffic to “wrong spelling squatters”.

18 Consider the new premium domain extensions

If your chosen domain name for your brand is Xyzcars.com, check to see if you can register xyz.cars. New premium domains have opened up a lot of opportunities with their memorable and keyword rich nature.

19 Avoid trends

Are you considering to make a trendy addition for your domains? Find a name that would stand the test of time instead. Using trendy abbreviations of buzzwords should be avoided.

20 Avoid a naming disaster

Do a quick search online for funny domains and you would find many examples of domain name choices that have gone wrong. If people laugh out loud on hearing your chosen domain, it’s not good for your brand. Similarly, avoid using words that have other meanings in other locations.

Choosing a brand domain name is an arduous task and for good reasons. The name is the foundation of what could to become an empire. Put in all the work with these tips in mind. For more information on domain names and hosting see Freeparking.co.nz

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